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Global Referral Program
Global Referral Program

CatanDog's Affiliate - Referral Program

Referral Program Details

This affiliate program is open to all individuals and organizations around the world. Under this program, the affiliate income earned is 10% of the discounted order subtotal (excluding any shipping charges). The maximum affiliate income that can be earned on any single order is $1K. The affiliate income is earned only on sales finalized after the 90-day money-back period. After the 90-day period the affiliate income is deposited into your account in the form of credits that may be cashed out at any time, upon request. To earn affiliate income on an order, the referred customer must submit your affiliate ID during the checkout process, before placing the order. Only customers whose contact information is completely different than their specified affiliate's contact information are considered valid referrals under this program, and you may not refer yourself. You may request an affiliate account from any part of the world and send referrals from any part of the world.

Why Refer CatanDog's?

Comparison of Top Flea Prevention and Tick Prevention Products

How the Referral Program Works

Request an Affiliate Account

Affiliate accounts and customer accounts are one and the same. If you do not already have a customer login account on this site, you must request an affiliate account here. Your case-sensitive login ID (username) is your Affiliate ID

Start Earning Credits

Send your referrals to this website and ask them to submit your Affiliate ID in the "Referred by" section during order checkout. Your account will be credited after 90 days of the order and you will receive an email notification of the same.

Track your Credits

All your affiliate income under this program are recorded and can be accessed at any time here by logging into your affiliate account. All affiliate program inquiries must be initiated by submitting the contact form.

Redeem your Credits

Credits can be redeemed when placing an order on this website. Alternately, you may request your affiliate income to be cashed out. All cash disbursements are made electronically, via PayPal, and are sent to the email address in your account.

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