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Fundraising / Charity
Fundraising / Charity

CatanDog's Charity - Fundraising & Charity

Charity Program Details

Organizations around the world, focused on fostering animal welfare, rights, and protection, are supported by CatanDog's Global in multiple ways.

Fundraising Assistance

CatanDog's global fundraising program is open to all animal shelters and organizations fostering animal welfare, rights, and protection around the world. The partnered organization is provided a unique 15% off coupon code for unlimited use on all retail orders on this website, to share publicly. On all "retail" orders on that use the non-profit's unique coupon code, 15% of the discounted order subtotal (excluding any shipping and tax rates) is allocated to the non-profit's fundraising account on The fundraising income is finalized after the 90-day money-back period, and is deposited as credits in the non-profit's account. Credits are disbursed once a month via PayPal.

How Fundraising Works

Step 1 - Create Account

Follow this link to create your fundraising account with CatanDog's Global.

Step 2 - Request Coupon

Request your unique 15% off coupon code to share publicly wih others.

Step 3 - Promote your Coupon

Incorporate into your marketing and check your earned credits here.

Step 4 - Get Funded

Accumulated credits are donated monthly via PayPal, after 90 days of reciept.

Start a Discussion

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions.