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Dropship Program
Dropship Program

CatanDog's Associate - Dropship Program

Dropship Program Details

Dropship Account Privileges

We are growing globally and this dropship program is open worldwide to all individuals and businesses. At a retail price that's significantly lower than all comparable flea treatment and tick treatment alternatives, and a protection span lasting multiple years, CatanDog's value proposition for flea and tick prevention is among the best in the industry. We invite you to join us as a dropship associate for privileged access to a dropship account on this website. As a dropship account holder you get privileged access to receive up to 30% discount on your orders.

We understand that in addition to a great product and a successful business model a successful reseller may need a robust e-commerce solution. All our active associates are offered free e-commerce help and online marketing guidance, upon request.

Why CatanDog's Dropshipping?

Best in Flea & Tick Prevention

With scientific backing, irrefutable testimonials, lowest cost, and multi-year chemical-free and risk-free protection, there's no denying that CatanDog's tags are the best for flea and tick prevention.

Lucrative Opportunity

With CatanDog's Global you're offered privileged access to receive up to 30% discount on your orders, enabling you to generate significant returns from markups over your purchase price.

Free E-Commerce Help

CatanDog's Global offers all associates the added privilege of free e-commerce help and online marketing, to help you overcome any online technical barriers with your online setup.

Virtually Inexhaustible

With around 150 million cats and dogs owned in the US and over half the population around the world owning a pet, the global market and that within most countries is virtually inexhaustible.

CatanDog's Competitive Advantage

Comparison of Top Flea Prevention and Tick Prevention Products

How Dropshipping Works

Step 1 - Request Account

Submit your request here to create a dropship member account with CatanDog's Global.

Step 2 - Confirmation

Allow 1-3 days for your request to processed and account setup with requested privileges.

Step 3 - Start Selling

Start selling CatanDog's tag to customers worldwide, without purchasing tags upfront.

Step 4 - Have it Shipped

Order the tags at your discounted price and we will ship it to your customer.

Under this dropship program you will adhere to our returns policy and will be responsible to refund the customer for any tags returned to us under our 90-day money-back guarantee. You must also initiate your own refund request from CatanDog's within 90-days of your order, by submitting the Refund Request form on our Guarantee page.

Please contact us here if you have any questions, and subscribe here to stay connected for monthly updates and promotions.