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How does the CatanDog’s tag protect my pet against external parasites?

The CatanDog’s tag does not kill insects. The electro-magnetic field generated by the CatanDog’s tag prevents the insects from making a home on your pet, where they would feed on their skin and blood, and breed.

Can I engrave my pet’s name and my phone number on the CatanDog’s tag?

No. We do not advise engraving the CatanDog’s tag. We advise a metal name tag be added to your pet’s collar in addition to the CatanDog’s tag and that you ensure your pet is micro-chipped and registered with your vet and local council.

Will the CatanDog’s tag protect my pet against other insects?

The CatanDog’s tag was only tested against ticks and fleas. However, anecdotal evidence over 20 years is that the CatanDog’s tag is just as effective in repelling mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.

Does CatanDog's tag still work when animal is wearing other tags like ID and Rabies tags?

Yes. CatanDog's tags are not affected by the presence of other tags on the animal. Pictures sent by our customers along with their testimonials show their pets wearing CatanDog's tags along with other tags.

Do I still need to treat my pet for worms?

Yes. Continue to treat your pet with worm treatments for all worms including heart worm and tape worm. Worms are internal parasites and can enter your pet’s body through their digestive system and airways.

Can I use the CatanDog’s tag on my children to repel head lice?

The CatanDog’s tag was only tested on dogs and cats against ticks and fleas. It is a product intended for and approved for pets only. There is much anecdotal evidence that it does repel head lice on children who wear it, however, we do not offer this guarantee. In any case, the CatanDog’s tag would need to be worn continuously to be effective and would be harmless to the child. There is now a tag for humans. Derived from the CatanDog’s Tag. This is the BalancyLife MagiTag.

Do I need to keep my pet separate from my family when I first apply the tag to its collar?

No, there are no chemicals on the CatanDog’s tag. It is completely safe to touch. We do advise a thorough delousing of your pet at the time the CatanDog’s tag is attached and that the final chemical treatment is applied at the same times as the tag to provide protection while the CatanDog’s tag is activated by your pet’s circulatory system and the magnetic shield is established.

What other benefits can I expect from my pet wearing the CatanDog’s tag?

The CatanDog’s tag has the very beneficial effect of improving circulation that may be seen in the form of increase their energy, reduced fatigue, and better immune response. The CatanDog’s tag is safe and beneficial for use on all cats and dogs from the day of their birth, during pregnancy, during convalescence and in the end stages of life. CatanDog’s tags have absolutely no contraindications nor negative side effects.

Are there any circumstances in which my pet should NOT wear their CatanDog’s tag?

No. The CatanDog’s tag should remain on your pet while bathing, swimming and even during veterinary X-Rays. Removing the CatanDog’s tag from your pet’s body will remove the protective shield from its body. We advise loosening the collar during washing. If the CatanDog’s tag is removed from your pet’s body, it may take up to 21 days for the protective shield to re-establish itself.

Are there any weight limits to consider when wearing a tag?

The CatanDog's tag has a 75 kg or 150 lb limit and the human version of our tag - BalancyLife MagiTag - protects up to 100 kg or 220 lbs. In the case where weight exceeds these limits, we recommend wearing an additional tag.

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