Preventing fleas and ticks around the world for 20+ years. Our revolutionary chemical-free tag repels fleas and ticks for multiple years. Guaranteed results within 30 days of use, or 100% money-back!   Subscribe

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Safety First
Safety First

FDA and CDC Caution on Chemical Treatments

Prevention is Better than Cure

CatanDog's tag relies on the laws of physics to enable pet owners around the world to provide their loved ones with the safest and the longest-lasting chemical-free pet protection against flea and tick infestation. By contrast, the alternative flea and tick treatments are chemical-based pesticides that come with risks and warnings to keep away from children and, also, to avoid application on kittens and puppies below a certain age, as well as cats and dogs that are sick. CatanDog's does not have any such restrictions as it is chemical-free and has no side-effects; however, you must ensure that the cat or dog is not already infested with fleas or ticks when introducing CatanDog's tag.

CatanDog's chemical-free tag is certified with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

EPA Establishment Number 74920-ESP-001

For additional details, please visit our Scientific Backing page.

Unfortunately, you may you may need to rely on a chemical-based treatment alternative to clean any existing infestation of fleas and ticks and their eggs and larvae, prior to introducing CatanDog's tag on the cat or dog's collar. Under such circumstances, it's important to be aware of the risks and precautions.

Key Considerations when Using Chemical-Based Flea and Tick Treatment Products

Safe Use of Flea and Tick Products in Pets

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Source: FDA and CDC
  • Regulation of Flea and Tick Products
  • Caution with Spot-On Products
  • When to Treat
  • Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products
  • Reporting Problems

Reducing Poisonings from Flea & Tick Control Treatments
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Source: New York State Department of Health
  • Tips for Using Flea and Tick Control Products
  • Flea and Tick Control Outside
  • Flea Control in the Home
  • Real Stories about Poisonings
  • Additional Resources

Fact Sheet for Pet Owners and Veterinarians

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Source: FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine
  • Fast Facts
  • What Should I Know
  • What products are in the isoxazoline class?
  • What should I do if my pet has an adverse drug event
  • Additional Information

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