Preventing fleas and ticks around the world for 20+ years. Our revolutionary chemical-free tag repels fleas and ticks for 2-5 years. Fleas and Ticks gone within 30 days of use, or 100% money-back!   Subscribe
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Work With Us (Worldwide)

Work With Us (Worldwide)


CatanDog's is the global leader in natural flea and tick prevention for cats and dogs, that is chemical-free and risk-free. We offer various lucrative opportunities for individuals and businesses around the world to readily work with us with minimal overhead. Animals in 30+ countries are currently enjoying a healthy flea-free and tick-free life with CatanDog's tags, and we welcome individuals and businesses alike, from all parts of the world, to work with us as an affiliate, associate, reseller, or fundraiser from anywhere in the world.

Ways to Work with CatanDog's


Become an Affiliate

Join our global referral program and earn cash from referrals around the world.
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Become an Associate

Join our global dropship program allowing up to 150% markup and free e-commerce help.
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Become a Reseller

Join our wholesale program for the steepest discounts allowing up to 300% markup.
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Fundraising & Donations

Work with us on your fundraising goals and earn 10% of your referred sales.
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